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One of Nature's Stores Best Kept Secrets

Posted on Tuesday 4th February 2014


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I am sure we are all aware of the relaxing, healing properties that lavender possesses and of course the healing properties of honey, but have you ever thought of mixing the two together?

Lavender Honey is one of the most popular varieties of honey and for good reason, it is one of the only things that will not spoil, apparently honey can remain edible for over 3,000 years! 

One of the reasons Lavender honey is so popular (apart from being incredibly tasty) is due to the fact that it is also rather healthy, which is a fantastic bonus! 

There are two types of lavender honey, one which is made with the help of one of lavenders best buzzy friends, the bee. The bees will pollinate lavender plants mainly, which will give the honey a unique and delicate flavour. 

The other method is by infusing a traditional honey with lavender buds, then the honey is strained before being popped into jars, this method has a more distinctive lavender flavour. 

You can use Lavender honey in almost anything, from a teaspoon or 2 in your lavender tea to a mouth watering lavender honey and fig tart, your options are literally endless! So, however you choose to use your lavender honey one thing is for sure, your taste buds will not be disappointed! 

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