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The benefits of lavender

"What can you use lavender for?" Visitors ask us this questions all the time and the answer is: "so many things!"

From stress relief to skin care, insect repellent to laundry freshener, the uses and benefits of lavender are many. Let's explore them ...

Soothe irritated skin

The natural antibacterial properties of lavender can help to soothe irritated skin and can be helpful with conditions such as acne when combined with tea tree oil or argan oil.

Enjoy better sleep

The relaxing properties of lavender have been shown to help encourage a deeper and more restful sleep. Try spritzing lavender spray on your pillow or rubbing a little lavender oil, mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba, to the soles of your feet! 

Treat burns and wounds

Lavender oil has naturally antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it an effective burn treatment for the skin.

Keep bugs at bay

The natural alcohols in lavender make for an excellent moth and mosquito repellent. Mix 1 part lavender oil with 10 parts witch hazel and spray on your skin and clothes.

Freshen up your laundry

A couple of drops of lavender oil added to your wash load or your steam iron will infuse your laundry with a fresh lavender scent. 

Ease aching muscles

Lavender oil, combined with other carriers such as shea butter, can be a wonderful relaxing treatment for sore, aching muscles. Simply rub into the affected area to ease tension and stiffness. 

Calm anxiety

Lavender contains naturally calming properties. Try dabbing a little lavender oil on the pulse points to help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Encourage healthy hair growth

Lavender has wonderful shine-enhancing properties, as well as antifungal and antibacterial ones too. Add a couple of drops to your shampoo to give your scalp and hair a real treat. 

Enjoy as a relaxing tea

Lavender isn't just good for topical application, you can also try it in your diet! Culinary lavender can be used in baking or can be enjoyed as a relaxing, fragrant tea. 

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