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Yorkshire Lavender
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It is now twenty seven years since we acquired nearly 60 acres of south-facing farmland, just outside Terrington. As with many things in life, it wasn’t what our family had planned for and was prompted by the death of my wife Lynne, twenty seven years ago from cancer. Yorkshire Lavender became a family project for myself and our children Sam and Emma Jane, then aged only 5 and 3.
“Voyage of Discovery”

It certainly has been a ‘voyage of discovery’ for us all and I’m sure the beauty and therapeutic nature of lavender has played its part. From our early beginnings of a few experimental rows, Yorkshire Lavender now has hundreds of different lavender and herb varieties to admire around the lavender farm and to buy in our specialist plant nursery. In summer, the lavender with its stunning array of different colours, from white through a complete range of blues, lilacs to magnificent deep purples, along with the range of distinct and heady scents, is a wonderful experience.

One of our great pleasures has been tracing the history of the lavender plant and how it has been used as lavender oil for centuries for its healing and antiseptic properties.

Herbalists believed that most ailments could be helped by the use of lavender, often steeped in hot water. The plant’s name itself is testimony to this – the name Lavandula comes from the Latin ‘lavare’ to wash. A resurgent interest in natural remedies has deservedly revived lavender’s popularity.

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