How To Grow Lavender

Lavender is an easy plant to grow. The following tips should hopefully get the best out of your lavender. If you have anymore questions about lavender, then please do get in touch.

When to water my lavender?

Once planted in the ground, you should water your lavender plant for the first couple of weeks until it is established. After then, there should be no need to water your lavender as they are very drought tolerant.

If you have a lavender in a pot then you will need to water them frequently during the summer months. During winter, the lavender plant will need very little water. Wait until the compost is very dry and then water directly onto the compost, do not water over the leaves.

What is the best soil for my lavender?

Generally the poorer the soil the better. Free draining, neutral to alkaline is best. If your soil is slightly acidic then you can add some lime and this should be sufficient. You will not need to add any plant food etc. If you have heavy soil, then I would suggest adding grit to improve the drainage. Lavender does not like a ‘wet bottom’ and it is wet soil that will more often than not kill your lavender.

Where is best to plant my lavender?

You want to plant your lavender in full sun or where it will get the sun for the majority of the day. Do not plant lavender under trees or any other leaf canopy.

When to cut back my lavender?

You want to be cutting back your Angustifolia and Intermedia lavenders after the lavender has finished its flowering for the summer, in the UK this is usually around the end of August to the start of September, we suggest 15th September between 10 and 11am! Cut down to about half an inch above the hard word, and you should see new growth within a few weeks. Some Intermedia plants will still be in flower November, these should be left and cut back in mid March/April an inch above the old wood. The Stoechas (French,Spanish) lavenders :- Dead head throughout the summer,this will encourage a long flowering season.Cut back half the green growth in spring.