Lavender Oil - Did you know?

Lavender Oil has been used for centuries for treating common ailments. We have listed just a few of its uses below. Have you used it for anything else? Let us know.

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Essential oil of lavender is one of the most widely used in aromatherapy for its calming, soothing effects.
Essential oil of lavender has good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.

Diluted lavender oil makes a good household disinfectant. Use to wash floors and clean work surfaces.

Keep a bottle of lavender oil in the kitchen – it is a natural antiseptic and helps reduce pain and prevents blistering on minor burns.

Lavender oil makes an excellent insect repellent.

If you have a cat or dog (or both) – put some lavender oil on their collar to keep away fleas.

If you have an ants nest – sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil onto it and watch them run for cover.

Do you have a horse? – roll on lavender oil above their eyelids to keep flies away from their eyes.

If you are not sleeping well, a couple of drops of lavender oil on a hankie or pillow or rub a small amount in the soles of your feet (it does work!).

Lavender tea helps relieve anxiety and works as a gentle sedative.

Stressed!! – Use lavender in baths, vaporizers and massage for its de-stressing effects.

If you regularly suffer with migraines, as a preventative measure, use lavender on a daily basis in baths, vaporizers and massage. To ease the pain of a migraine attack, apply a cold compress to the temples, using a few drops of lavender oil.

Farmers used to keep a sprig of lavender under their hats during the summer months and they never suffered from headaches despite working in the bright sunshine for many hours. You don’t have to go that far, if you have a headache simple apply neat to the temples or on a cold compress to the forehead or back of the neck.

Lavender is an excellent first aid remedy for small cuts and scratches clean the area thoroughly then dap with a few drops of pure lavender oil. Continue to apply the lavender oil several times a day until the skin is healed.

Ouch!! Just been stung by a wasp or bee? Dab lavender oil directly onto the bite it soothes itching and relieves pain and also prevents infection.

During the summer months, a couple of drops of lavender oil in a bowl of water kept in the corner of the lounge or entrance hall will keep away the flies.

Unsightly spots – apply neat lavender oil to individual spots at night and in the morning or you can make up lavender water using distilled water and a few drops of lavender oil, bathe the affected areas morning and night.

Knotty, tangled hair – choose a mild shampoo, add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to 1 tsp of shampoo, shampoo daily, it makes your hair more manageable. You can do the same with a conditioner or a few drops can be put in the final rinse water.

Hair loss!!? – Try massaging your scalp with lavender oil to encourage regrowth. Does it work??

Sore throat – add 5 – 10 drops of lavender to a glass of warm water, mix well and gargle (do not swallow). Repeat at least 2 or 3 times a day.

Smelly feet –add 5 – 10 drops of lavender to a warm bowl of water and soak your feet, (do this on a regular basis).

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