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Delightful decor. Tips for making the perfect floral wreath.

When you picture a wreath hanging on a door, we bet that most of the time, the image that springs to mind is Christmas-related.

While wreaths have long been a staple of festive decoration, there's no reason you can't take this classic design and apply it to any season.

From fresh spring blooms to autumnal dried flowers and leaves, there's something to love all year round. This is why we're big fans of our lavender wreath workshop - and we're not alone, judging by how fast our workshop tickets have been selling this season!

In anticipation of one of our most loved workshops, we thought we'd share three tips for creating a beautiful wreath for your home.

Think about where you'll be displaying the wreath before you start.

Are there other dominant colours which might compliment or contrast with the wreath? How much space do you have to play with and will it be exposed to direct sunlight or other conditions that might affect it's longevity? Knowing these things before you start will help you choose the right types of materials to give you the best possible end result.

Go beyond the flowers.

While flowers are the star of the show, there are lots of other elements you can bring in to enhance your design, from organic touches like dried seed heads, pinecones and teasels to textural touches like ribbons, buttons and baubles.

Keep it together.

The last thing you want when you've spent time crafting your beautiful wreath is for it to fall apart as soon as you hang it up!

Taking the time to make sure everything is properly secured, whether with string, wire, pins or glue, is the secret to creating a wreath that will stand the test of time.

Fancy learning how to make a stunning lavender wreath from our expert? Julia will be sharing all her tips and tricks on the following dates:

  • Thursday 4th July

  • Saturday 20th July

  • Thursday 1st August

  • Saturday 10th August


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