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Fabulously floral: A hen do with a difference.

Hen dos come in all shapes and sizes and while some celebrate with a night on the town, others prefer a more relaxed vibe.

We LOVE providing the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration. From engagements to photoshoots, hen parties to the full wedding itself, we are always so honoured to be a part of a happy couple's journey, and provide a picturesque place where they can mark the moment.

So when a bride-to-be got in touch the see if we could host a special session on flower arranging for her bridal party, we were more than happy to oblige.

Head Gardener Julia was in her element, showing the group tips and tricks to bring out the beauty of the blooms, combining colour and texture to create rich bouquets of complimentary and contrasting flowers.

A relaxing few hours was spent chatting about wedding plans while the group explored the best ways to bring the different varieties together. Julia demonstrated how best to extend the life of the flowers and keep the arrangements looking fresh and vibrant and the group's efforts were rewarded with some absolutely gorgeous displays.

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your hen party, do get in touch. From afternoon teas to creative workshops, we've got lots of inspiration for you.


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