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June in bloom. What to do in your garden this month.

With summer starting to get into full swing (although the rain might make you think otherwise!), there's plenty to keep gardeners busy this month.

Our team are hard at work getting stuck into the various jobs across the site needed to keep everything at Yorkshire Lavender looking beautiful. We thought we'd share a few of the things you can be doing in your own garden to set you up for success this season.

From pruning to planting, here's a few of the essential tasks to tick off your list in June.

General garden maintenance

Make the most of your flowers:

Fabulous fruit and veg

And let's not forget your indoor plants ...

  • Start feeding houseplants once a week with liquid fertiliser, until autumn

  • Water house plants regularly as the temperatures and light levels increase

  • Repot houseplants that have become pot bound

  • Move house plants away from windows to prevent scorching from the sun

  • Put houseplants outside in a warm, sheltered spot to enjoy the fresh air and light

Looking for more tips and tricks to take you through each season? Gardener's World has you covered with this handy seasonal checklist.


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