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Life's a picnic. Packing a little something special into your visit.

Peaceful setting? Check.

Stunning views? Check.

Wonderful weather? Well, we can but hope!

What more do you need? Well, we like to think that a picnic is the cherry on top. And it seems we're not alone. Bookings have been coming in thick and fast for our pre-packed picnics since the sun made an appearance. We don't blame you!

So spread out your blanket and dive into the hamper while we show you what a Yorkshire Lavender picnic includes:

Superb sandwiches

A picnic wouldn't be right without a selection of delicious sandwiches. We pack ours with a variety of classic fillings, including ham & tomato relish, cream cheese & cucumber and coronation chicken.

Savoury snacks

To accompany your sandwiches, we add a fresh garden salad and creamy, colourful coleslaw. We also include a few bags of crunchy Pipers crisps (and we don't judge if you put them in your sandwiches!)

Sweat treats

Ready for pudding? Tuck into some of our tea room favourites, including carrot cake, chocolate brownie, and lavender cake. And, of course, we can't forget our famous lavender scones, complete with butter, clotted cream and lavender and blueberry conserve.

And something to wash it all down with...

Sit back and sip on fresh juices, and enjoy a pick me up with a tea or coffee. And, if you fancy a little extra sparkle, why add an optional bottle of Prosecco? Cheers!

Need to swap something out?

If you have a dietary requirement, that's not a problem. We can cater for a vegetarian diet, or swap out some of the options to avoid foods you might be intolerant to, such as gluten or dairy. Just let us know when booking your picnic.

Can I bring my own picnic?

Absolutely! If you fancy packing your own picnic, you are more than welcome to bring it with you to enjoy during your visit. Don't forget your picnic blanket!

Booking a pre-packed picnic at Yorkshire Lavender

If you fancy a picnic, and want it all prepared and ready for you to enjoy when you arrive, you can find all the information and details to book on our website.


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