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Making magical memories. Bringing your kids to Yorkshire Lavender.

When the holidays roll around, so too does the need to find fun things to keep the family entertained and make the most of this precious time (without it costing the earth!)

Which is why we've made sure to list ourselves on, a database of child-friendly attractions across the UK - helping parents plan brilliant days out.

Alongside 'can I bring my dog?', 'Can you bring kids?' is a close contender for most frequently asked question. And we're always pleased to advise that children are more than welcome. There's plenty to keep young minds entertained if they have a love of nature. And loads of space for them to run around and let off some steam!

Here's a few of our favourite things for kids to enjoy at Yorkshire Lavender:

The pond and bug hotel

Budding David Attenboroughs will find plenty of insect inspiration in our gardens. The Bug Hotel - a purpose-built structure full of creature-friendly hiding places - is a good place to start while the pond provides a great opportunity to hunt for frogs and toads.

The Lavender Maze

Can you find your way to the centre of the maze? When the lavender is in bloom, the specially planted maze makes a fun puzzle for little adventurers.

Snakes and Ladders

The classic board game has come to life. Jump in and have a go. It can get quite competitive!

Play Area

The dedicated play area is the ideal spot survey your kingdom. Climb up and become the the King or Queen of the castle.

The Wibbly Wobbly Way

Wonky, winding and wonderfully weird, the Wibbly Wobbly Way is a favourite for little ones to run up and down.

What about the big kids?

Keeping the kids entertained is half the story, but what about you? EJ's Tea Room is a great spot for a pick-me-up. Enjoy delicious homemade treats, from Lavender favourites to classic cakes and savoury snacks. Want something extra special? Get us to pack a picnic for you to enjoy and tick something off your list!

We also have the plant nursery, where you can stock up on essentials for the garden. Take a little piece of Yorkshire Lavender home to enjoy and encourage the kids to look after their plants around the year.

And to finish up, why not treat yourself to a little touch of luxury with some of our Yorkshire Lavender products - made using 100% pure essential oil, distilled from the plants grown in our fields. Out lotions, oils and scented sprays are all formulated to promote calm, relaxation and restful sleep - perfect after a long day with the kids!


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